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Sudden feeling of Nature | Saturday, July 26, 2008

Strange...why do I suddenly want to go live the countryside?
But then, u can see the grass, and everyday after school do homework, and then go out and run about and play...just like who I was back in Cedar Primary. Am I getting old?

But isn't it interesting? New things to explore everyday(about nature), sometimes only come back to the modern city(absence makes the heart grow fonder) etc. Maybe its because of scouts.

Speaking of which, today got barbecue, but then go home late(I want to play the computer)...they are so slow sometimes.

I got selected into the National Patrol Camp(erm I don't know how to explain so if you want to know please check with your fellow scouts friends). Its tiring, but during the holidays I am really so bored so just go...hope they give me time to go back to Malaysia for 2 weeks, and that includes other stuffs like council etc.

So thats that for now...hope that Monday will pass the oral as well...I can't even face Mr. Ong Kai Kun, so I may have a hard time.

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Racial Harmony! | Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ok short entry today just wanna say yesterday was kind of interesting but then our discipline master just shout at the mike(REALLY loud) and I was kind of disappointed. The whole day was quite ruined by him.

Then I got to have some traditional food^^(my good friend Jarrad Chong let me have some. Thanks!).I took a photograph with Mr Ong and a few of my classmates. I am now waiting for them.I will try and put them up as soon as possible, just for the fun of it.

Today was a bit boring and I got lots of homework...kk write another day.

P.S. This time is very informal and short but I still got homework so ^^ ...(and I put it big because its short)

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I don't know... | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well its nice that my friend deleted the poll I talked about in the last post, but...
I wonder if I am still unaccepted by them...its hard to tell if you are in a situation like me. Bad in communication and interaction...I wonder what will happen in my working life...

I guess it will be a tough one, I mean, working with society whom people I don't really know...its like the first day of a new school. Well I know it has been 6 months and 15 days since I am in Zhonghua Secondary, but its still hard to talk to my classmate. I don't know why, really...

This may be over, but new challenges awaits. I don't know if by the end of the year the whole class will be bonded, or still in different groups( there are 4: the mixed, the boys, the girls, and the outcasts...kk I am one of them...=.= , but lets not be rude, I know I am in but I don't want to drag others down so I will just say I am the only one...). Its sad that only the groups bond with their so-called teammates.

Unless the group leader of each group( except mine of course ) come together and work it out together^^. That will be nice....

Well I begin to be a little talkative these days, but no one cares. Almost everyone ignores me(outcast,remember??) because..erm actually I don't really know the reason. But what is behind the reason I really want to know(this is not busybody, but at least if I know I can change myself).

Other than that what is also behind the scenes of these people I do not want to know, as if it happens to me it will be later, and if the matters worsen, I don't really know what to do...I am so embarrassed that I cannot even face Mr. Ong Kai Kun( talk about him in last post) as don't know what to say to him(ok so its my problem).

In any case, I will just try and mind my business for now...(I am trying to shut up in class and not going to the class blog for a while...need some reflecting to do...)

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Am I unaccepted? | Friday, July 11, 2008

I suddenly felt that my class 1E5 and I are so unrelated...
This isn't good. I sometimes think they are so full of themselves. Because their in Zhonghua Secondary? I don't know. I mean I am not even arrogant because I am in Zhonghua Sec. At least if I am in Anderson Secondary I still can boast a little....^^ Isn't it nice to be at least in the school you aimed to be? Its an achievement, so at least be proud for a while is still alright.
Of course I have friends, but what I really want is someone who is really willing...not anyone who is forcing. I don't like that.
Really I don't.
Anyway exams are around the corner( next week, actually ). Maybe at this new semester I will put in more extra effort and to be my best! I want to be at least somebody, not nobody...
Alright maybe I may be a little too exaggerating but...I really feel so left out sometimes. I think Mr Ong ,my form teacher, is also looking down on me as I kind of like talk and walk about( I used to be the monitor but not now...as I am a councilor.So I cannot walk about to control the class ). He must be disappointed...I am so childish these days...sigh...
Its depressing,I know. Maybe I am pressured as people are doing all these things but not me( Ok so I am starting now,but its not to late to change.I will try my best).Peer pressure, as they said.
Yesterday was a bad day as well. I kind of flare up at my classmate when he vandalized my worksheet. My whole day was ruined...
Also, not long ago I had the password for my class blog, but then they are doing a poll to see if they are keeping the password or going to change it...T.T ...I really felt so left out...
So maybe I am a bit impatient, or maybe too sensitive or emotional(that's why people called me sissy or gay...). Otherwise I am a little to full of myself sometimes or maybe short-tempered. I don't know. Well, that's life. Get over it.
P.S. For the last post because there is some problem with my computer the words are so big, or strange.Thanks for reading^^

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Youth Day | Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alright so I know I am one day late,but who cares?
Its always boring during the holidays(I had said it before,or had I?). Anyway today I finally can play one of the games I missed but cannot play because it cannot patch,but not anymore! Yes,its Maple Story! Yea! This may be my present for youth day!
Ok ok I might be a little too exaggerating but never mind. So today I went to my aunt's house and have a preview of what has happened in the Maple Story world.... its cool.
Actually I wanted to stay at home to play computer games(but sometimes playing the same games is boring...any suggestions? Please use the chatbox for suggestions as well as new ideas of yours. Just throw all in). But then I rarely see my aunt so...
Ok personal things over now for more general topics. Tomorrow is another day for school and ...wait.I remember my brother(in Pri 4 this year) is also
having youth day! So I was like,"What about children's day? Its not fair!" But never mind I don't need children's day...I am a teenager. This is my life, my way of thinking.
Ok for those out there who are teenagers i wish you all a
happy youth day!!!
P.S. I know its over but never mind. I did not talk much about general things...next time.

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Its really fast..... | Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The second week of school is here!
Its really so fast that the first week is gone. Even the June holidays are over. Too bad I can only go back to Malaysia again during the December holidays....I really hope it does not clash with the overseas trip and campfire(Scouts events.They are always very problematic...not putting it as optional....hate it but only suffer for 2 and a half year more.Now its June already so so-so still alright for the time being) and also the council camp(I think). I am going to miss them but I promised that for the 6 weeks I am going to go back for at least 2 ; ) .

But REALLY hope so...wished they never made it so hectic for secondary ones....but hey, this is also training for the army...(also wished they had not make it compulsory)

Anyway time flies...enjoy your life while you can! : )

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