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| Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yay Scouts Hike just ended...now its the report that has to be done...
Yea,so now I just have to finish up everything and search for the directory to copy all the information. This week's gonna be busy(though holiday) , so gotta work hard.
I may do homework later, but lets talk about today's hike first...
At first fine la, all happy-go-lucky and go lor ^^ . Then we arrived at the first checkpoint, but wasted too much time, so we split up the work(I slack the most la...cause waiting for answers so I am like a free loader la...).
I was like so hungry until lunch(and we meet up with another group so we took their biscuits ^^ ,and they can't take ours cause we only have shares for ourselves:sandwiches). Then tea break is at end point(we finished early! Nice!). But at night still need to go to one more checkpoint cause donno why la jux follow lor. Nevermind^^ , at least we got 1 week to finish our report^^ .

Ok goodnight people cause tomorrow still got a long day, so jy to me^^ .

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| Friday, August 29, 2008

Teachers' Day's TODAY!

Thank God that today the class helped me with my card ^^ .Otherwise it wouldn't be a success. Yea this year kinda special,cause didn't buy or make any individual cards or gifts.
DIDN"T have time to go to DQPS lei... T.T cause got scouts. The other sec ones in the hike go back to their primary schools, so they skipped it(I want as well,but I didn't skip). Oh there was another sec one as well, so the fraction is 2/6 .(only 1/3 , sad la) 3+ pm then arrived lei! But then nvm cause they are going to have a big time tonmorrow.(I do not mean to curse them, but they can't do what they did not learn)
Got first in ACES Day competition ^^ ,but actually 1T1 should be first ,cause they did 23 rounds(then 5 classes are tied at 22 laps ,2 classes did lower rounds). But they kind of did not follow the rules, so they deduct marks. Then deduct and deduct and we got first! Its God!
Then go for prayer meet(hot, cause a LOT of people squeesed into a living room) and finally experience it ^^ . Quite fun la, but went there to pray.
Tomorrow got hike le...wish me luck^^.

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| Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tomorrow is Teachers' Day!
Yea so I am making a BIG CARD of all of the teachers in my class, all in 1! Haha^^
Tomorrow until 1pm cause got scouts la...the pre-hike again...but then only 1 day hike! So lucky^^ .Then I can go back to DQPS(if got time) and then prayer meet(finally experiencing it! YEA!). Saturday cannot go cause of hike T.T . Sunday got shepherding with Benny again. Next Tuesday got metamorphosis and then wednesday got maths ssp. Thursday got scouts teachering from outside organisation so cannot go for caregroup gathering le...so sad...friday prayer meet again ^^ and sat back to church! Wow so many things to do lei...gonna do card soon^^

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| Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yesterday got no time again, so as usual I will squeeze both days to one blog post.
Yea, so yesterday got a slight sore throat, but it does not affect much, then I slept at 11pm something, yea kind of have a slight cold then, because Saturday after service I went home after lunch and then did not bring umbrella so had to walk in the rain, Sunday was no different, except that its drizzling only. Fine enough, nothing much, until yesterday got a slight cold(repeated, but just in case you forgotten ^^ )

The flu only is at its maximum today(3 days after? Quite slow...), when in the morning I kept sneezing. I prayed, then it became better. But then in class I was sick again, then met up with some of the caregroup members(they doing outreach, and I am new, so nevermind. Yea Benny was kind of busy, so I was "ignored" , but nevermind, I gave him enough trouble already in sms, and he is so busy sometimes he didn't reply). After that I cannot take it anymore so I went home without training for the contingent. I prayed hard that I will recover.

Then Mum saw my face was kind of sick, so soon she knows that I have a flu(yea then came a headache and a slight fever) . I sms Benny just then to tell him about my problem. Yea I felt like an idiot, always relying on him. But then he laughed, and told me that its his duty as a shepherd. Fancy him laughing. But then nevermind. Haha (Lol) .

Yea now I hope next week they don''t tell us to come back for scouts...at least let us have a full one week break la...

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| Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yesterday was so busy...I nearly forgotten to write my blog...
Yea,so I went to my pre-hike to plan the route for next week =.=(Planning? Who needs planning when you just walk? But still need to take photograph for selected checkpoints...haiz),and lucky for me I was in time for service^^ . Yea and then wait for Chenyee and nearly got late but then they start late so nevermind la. Lol haha.
Yea after the service I bought lunch first, but then ppl call me "kiasu" . But no ppl of course fast la! Wanted to wait for Leon(I think his name is spelled like that),but then too hungry, so I jux went ahead...
Then talked to the caregroup leader and got to know more of Y-Hope,after tat played Citadels,the card game. I got 12 points^^ ,at least good for a starter^^ . Then Benny has a meeting so I jux went home...
Today gonna meet him again^^ ,yea and gotta gotta go le^^ .Lol haha.

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| Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today got so tired...but then alright la...not a big deal...
The big deal's next week. Just to share with you my schedule:
This week
Thursday: -Dental Appointment
-Teachers' Day's Decorations
-Detention Duty(may not have)
-Caregroup gathering(cannot go liao..but still got chance tomorrow...see la)
Friday:- Scouts(contingent so quite relaxed...except too relax like statues...cramp)
Saturday:-Yea meet up with Benny at service^^ haha lol
Sunday:-Shepherding...donno what to do lei...first time ^^

Next week
Monday to Thursday:-If not Teachers' Day's decoration its Contingent training...but then may be free^^
Friday and Saturday:-Hike to one part of Singapore to next...gonna work hard for cca award^^
Sunday: Got to hang out with Benny during shepherding^^ lol

Then after that its da holidays^^.
Hope scouts won't call us back...let us rest la...for 1 week lei at least...our holiday last time taken by u all, now one holiday still wanna stress us? Nevermind lets go with the flow anyway...sigh....

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| Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yea tiring day yesterday really stressed out like gonna break down anytime...
Didn't post yesterday,so I jux add in la...^^.
Yesterday: Yea did Grace(finally remembered^^) for all meals except breakfast...and really stressed out like can't even described liao la...pulled until maximum le...Science Test was horrible...nearly fell asleep(dozing off)so did REALLY badly,like 10/40 or worse. Mum thinks I am like really in to Christianity,she said its bad. I don't know if I should say good or bad...maybe its just mum's mentality(the thing was at night)...and after that I do my detention duty...feels like I am doing detention as well...haha ^^ . Then so stressed out tat I talked to Benny. Yea but then after talking I felt better.

Today: Literature test. I am so prepared...except that I forgot a few quotes...so kept using the same one. Hope the marker does not give me bad marks...gonna pray again cause God gives me the time ^^ . Yea at least I was better prepared today. Also I am doing my revision for end of year exams currently. Detention duty again...bored. Gonna do quiet time soon ^^ .

Hope for a better tomorrow as today is past and tomorrow new hopes and aspirations comes when the sun rises,because its a new day and everything is refreshed ^^

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| Saturday, August 16, 2008

Short post today ^^ .
Today went to church...then raise up hand while they called out for new people...luckily I was at the back and Benny stopped me...how embarrassing =.= ...
Then we went for lunch ^^ ,but after that I need to go early(I went to say "Happy Birthday" to one of the caregroup members cause Benny said its his birthday ^^ ) for campfire.
While waiting for bus, I saw them haha how lucky^^ .
Campfire was fun...until the end cause Mr Ang( Teacher In Charge ) give us a scolding for not actively participating and some other things...don't even wanna think about it.
Sms Benny to update him. Gonna finish project tomorrow ^^ . Last day le =.= ...kk ^^

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| Friday, August 15, 2008

Got burnt in the hand today because of scouts...haiz...
But never mind...meeting up with Benny, Issac and friends tomorrow for service(going to church) and then today Ting Wei told Mr Ong about the y-hope members...he said they are rough(nice going...) and then I explained to Mr Ong la...hope he understands...

Yea didn't go for prayers' meet today...scouts =.= . Tomorrow going for campfire in Catholic High ^^. They are the best campfire organizers ever^^(privilege yea!). But too bad had to go early tomorrow after service...but we can still meet up on Sunday if he wants to ^^ , and I am A.O.K.!

In two weeks time I may be doing a test on the hike and MAY get the CCA award, and I am gonna do my best, as its the HIGHEST award we can get for CCA in secondary ones. Yea good luck to me and too bad can't go to service....

Then next 2 weeks need to do teachers' day decoration...then may missed out caregroup meeting...unfortunately. But if God sees that I really want to meet up He may ^^ . Better pray later? I think so....

Alright the next two weeks gotta be busy and so I need to work hard and may meet Benny and some of his friends on Sunday...(stressing, not angry la^^) IF HE HAS TIME SO I BETTER DO MY HOMEWORK ASAP.

Today History Test slept a while, and essay anyhow do...I think I did badly this time...

Wish me luck again ^^

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| Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today is my first time going to a caregroup meeting^^ ! ITS GREAT!
Yea met up with Benny again today. 1E5 think I like a little bit wrong in my brain(yea putting it this way will make you guys understand better^^),because its either I Benny here, Benny there or its y-hope here, and y-hope there. Yea my life had changed since I went to the church.

Yu Xiang(a friend in Zhonghua Secondary,classmates) said that I am gay. Its like, I don't know what to say...really. But since his nature is like that I cannot change that fact. And Jeryl(good friend of Yu Xiang, another classmate of mine) said that I am in "drugs", because I am hyperactive these days.

O.k. past over now for today I realised that the meeting has got "ranks" as well! And the best thing is its like a SCHOOL^^ ! Yea there are teachers and a monitor and a principal and councilors...there is so much ! Haha, feels like going two schools, but this one very relaxed ^^

We celebrated a friend's birthday, know another person in the caregroup and realise how does a group do prayer together(I know Benny and Issac and now its *Darrel. *Think its spelled like that.)

Then we went for outdoor activities...but then got trapped in the lift and got out safely(yea kind of lucky...otherwise I don't know what I should do. O.K. la a bit scared there that my life would be taken away but then here I am now ^^. Sorry Benny that I kind of lied...but then that was only a mere thought, so I put it as not scared la...) I felt guilty about it as we got 9 people going in, and the maximum is 8 people. And when we were saved by an uncle, he was quite angry with us...kind of violated the rules. Then he saved us by telling that nothing was wrong to someone else and say don't tell people that we were trapped...at least he was kind enough to do that ^^ . Scary though his face and his expressions...

Hope Benny is going to be my shepherd soon^^(yea there is a VERY high possibility that I am going to be his sheep. Remember the sheep and shepherd system?) Yea he plays a lot of roles to me, sometimes a friend, other times a counselor , and even a father sometimes(like beforehand telling him something and get consent form him, and scold me when I do something wrong * So far have not done anything wrong ^^ )

Yea after that another of my classmate(Ting Wei) saw me and saw the rest of the people like older than me, so he thought I was in a bad company( I am at a middle of a game...alright la a little embarrassing but then nevermind what's done is done )..so he was like somehow threatening me(saying going late and think I am gonna give excuses...but I told my mother about it ^^).

Alright History Test tomorrow and Scouts =.=(not again...) and later campfire at night on Saturday...But Benny told me to enjoy ^^ . That was kind of him. And then next week got decorations for teachers' day and detention duty...this is bad...only can see him on Saturday and then if lucky then on Thursday as well ...but its up to God and fate/destiny ^^ . After that the week after maybe cannot see him liao...but I try and meet him up on Sunday(that is, if he has time), because I got a hike,and maybe get promoted XD( then Sec. 2s cannot call " Sec. 1s FALL IN!" ,because we have a leadership role by then...really hope get promoted la^^) . After the examinations also like that( and I am sure Benny will help me as well ^^ ), because everyday + Saturday need to go to scouts to get ready for National Pioneering Camp( NPC. Think the long words means this..somehow forgotten Xp ). Yea so hope to see him on Sunday and hope they will not take it away...and during the 5 days finally maybe go hang out with him and other people as well ^^ .

Wish me luck ^^ .

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Announcement | Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Until the end of this month(31th August 2008),if you are a male(sorry its a boy's group as there are issues of relationships before...) and in Zhonghua Secondary you may consider joining Y-Hope.^^ Do find me at 1E5. The name is Wong Jian Ann ^^.

Graduating batches erm... you may be put into a new group if you are in JC next year check your level there is one guy who is in Sec 4 and graduating so you can ask him^^!

Y-Hope is a youth organization.There is a "concert" every Saturday where we meet up with the rest of the care groups from all over Singapore. There is a caregroup day where your group have to meet up, just for fun and games or of some sort. (More information when you join^^)

They will explain to you the basics before you begin,so don't worry^^! I am new too, just like about 1 week old or so to this.^^
I trust you you will not regret it, because I did not^^!

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Truth... | Monday, August 11, 2008

This is not good...I just realised(again) that I would not be able to attend the caregroup meeting and going to the church for a long time...about at least 2 months...I believe God will make some time for us to meet up once in a while... better pray now.^^

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Yea, after hanging out with Benny and his friends on Saturday and Sunday and having all the fun, I am left with homework...better hurry..otherwise I got lesser time to sleep...
Yea, and I still got my chinese homework, maths journal and some other homework...this is bad. Haha...better rush...

Ok erm...this Thursday is going to be my Chinese Test...I must study VERY HARD...and Friday got scouts...Its tiring...and also, I have to memorise 4 poems for my literature test(essay)...I am going to do my best! Yea!

Alright today is a holiday...its a normal day so nothing interesting...yea^^

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What do I do? | Sunday, August 10, 2008

I wished Benny can be my mentor forever, and BEST FRIEND...
Yea, after I found out today that if Benny's school and my school 's NEC group are completed(minimum 7 people), we may have to separate each other to form a new group. Its either they go to NEC3 or we do...

I know I am selfish, but if you really hang out with him for just one day, you will know how kind he is...yea. I wished I could just tell straight in his face that I want to be his BEST FRIEND...but I just do not have the courage...

Yea, having a best friend means we can talk anything and hang out with each other...but a nice guy like him should have already a best friend...

I hope he reads this blog, to see how happy I am to have known such a nice guy ^^ .

We had lunch today so he and a friend(forgot the name..sorry) introduce me to this new thing...yea. We had a great time together. Then they had to go to a meeting so I went home..yea.

Sorry..guess I shouldn't have put so many "yea"...haha.

Gonna see him again this coming Thursday after the Chinese test(which is my most worst subject). Better ask him if I can change my clothes...if not if I am seen I am going to have a big time.

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OMG(Alright to me "g" stands for "gosh") | Saturday, August 9, 2008

I felt like my whole life have changed today...
Yea thanks A LOT Benny, really, for today. I learnt a lot from today's programme! ^^ And if you are playing Grand Chase add me! The name's LeoStar.^^

Alright why? Today I went to a small learning concert(sort of) which teaches me of believing Jesus. People says that Jesus is the like the bridge, which links man and God. Well legend or no legend, I have to go with the flow now.^^ But its really an honor to meet up with the NEC2(North-East Caregroup 2) People thinks that wearing skinnies means going with the bad company, but then that again, is STEREOTYPING...and I did it again today. But after this programme, I know that Benny used to be with the bad company, and I tell you, if he did not say it, I can't even seemed to see through it! This shows that he had CHANGE A LOT from his gangster likeness to a peaceful soul! ^^

Anyway I did a ceremony today with some newcomers to join Y-Care. This group really believes about Jesus(and very!^^). And when the adult is giving a lesson, the whole area is VERY SILENT! Look at Zhonghua Sec.(If you are there) and see the REAL difference. Or look at your school. The number of people is the same as the number of the people in the hall as well, and they are teens as well!(its like really holy)

Yea and now, I am officially(sort of!haha!^^) one of the members in NEC2! And all thanks to Benny who invited me to do the survey! I must say that I will never regret it( and oh I wonder if I will still be in NEC2 if I change school to JC...and hope I never change my group...

Anyway for university I hope I will still be studying in Singapore...woah! That is a lot to think about...but time will tell(and Jesus will shine the light and lead me and go pass these obstacles!)^^

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T.T | Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yea...somehow the person sitting beside me(Luo Ting) is kind of irritated of me. O.k. , its just for fun that I say her "Loser Too" as she likes L from Death Note. The puppet was like holding a phone and SHE wrote "LT" on the screen of the phone. So I was like "Loser" and "Loser Too" !!^^
Fine I know its stupid...

It kind of have me thinking of who Mr. Ong Kai Kun wants to stay when he said that he wished he wants the classroom smaller....so that the class will be smaller. Yea he did, and obviously I think one of them is me...somehow I became so talkative....AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG!!!

But this aside, TOMORROW IS NATIONAL DAY EVE!!! YEA AND WE GOT EARLY LEAVE!!! COOL!!! But I will be going home a little later as I had to stay back to listen to that NPC briefing....this is so not cool...

And I lost my literature textbook...sad...and IT IS EXPENSIVE!!! Darn...better go and buy a new one...

I am so SILLY!!!

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OK nice game ! | Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Its quite cool,though 2D platformed. I say its like WASD game,except all is flat. I like Ryan the most, especially when it is at the 3rd job(4th job advancement) Xenocider(do your homework, people)
From what I know, at first I hate this game because the graphic sucks. But then, its all thanks to Jeryl (in Zhonghua of 1E5 currently) which make me like this game! ^^
Oh yea, and I idolise him as he is a role model. According to a website(KOG i think), he is someone who likes nature, and remember the post not long ago? Yea we are like each other...except that he goes in a rage when he realise partusay is in underwater after what kase' asae's subordinate, erm like one of the sea god(he is called partusay in the game). That is some serious attitude.
There is he when he is a Xenocider. Cool, huh?
I am currently looking for games like this, be it 2D or 3D. Any information you can send it to me via my e-mail, jianann540@hotmail.com, or just erm...I don't know what you are going to use to contact me but for now lets stick to e-mail, ok?

Ryan RULES!!!

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Something that I should not see... | Sunday, August 3, 2008

It really gave me a horrific shock, and its midnight at 5.13 AM!
Oh my gosh....ok I know its now the hungry ghost festival but after 3 days? Wow, that's quick.

Ok so on Sunday midnight(which is today if you think its tomorrow, like after 12 midnight before 11.59 of Saturday, if you do not get it never mind,or how about the wee hours of Sunday morning? Yea that might have done it,anyway...),I woke up at about 2 am to play computer, just for the fun of it ^^(ok so I am keeping it from mum,I am so bad)

About 5.10am, I went to the toilet, and came back to the computer about 5.12 am. Then at about 5.13 am...I saw a leg...bony leg. I think I saw a ghost.

So I shut down the computer and went to bed...never open my eyes until daylight shines.

Yea it was darn scary I tell you(but I wonder how I got the courage to dare to take a look, curiosity).
And oh there is no reflection area when I saw it, so it is solid.

P.S. (ok whatever P.S. means to me it means "please see" ok? End of story) Now its real so please don't say like I make it up. Anyway if there is any spelling error I do apologise. And please do not imitate or spam in the shoutbox. If I find anyone doing it you are going to have a hard time with me.

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Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

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