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Daily event | Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey I'm one big slacker!
Yeah blog so long nvr update le. Facebooking and gaming a lot so less time for blogging.
Of course hw got do la. Dont gimmie tat look(especially Keong Cheng)

Mid years coming sian.

Yt got new laptop so testing out

Yeah so today woke up early to settle comp stuffs. Still good,better than Home Basic.(Its home premium)

After tat CK and I shepherding. Yuxiang late(as usual),so he nvr got shepherded(I try and ask CK if I can teach him XD)

Then went to CG. Its wild,man. I mean the mains are Ruiyong,Rachael and CK. Hey we having fun u noe.
Then Rachael's preaching is so good tat I wanna change-this takes time but I dont care how long.
I'll change.

After tat NEC sports time! I played badminton and captains ball. Still good at them =D
Then went home. Continue with my comp stuffs.
Mum went to get a new phone.

Then she say if u play too much I"M GONNA CONFISCATE IT.
Like LOL,she can't do tat.

Its like mine,she borrows. I use it most of the time anyway,since I gonna move it around.

Man everyone is getting on my nerves these days-wat's their problem?
Get a life,would ya? I wanna have mine so stop limitating me-its useless.

If u wanna do tat hav it ur way-u'r wasting ur time,not mine.

Memory jotted at 11:58 PM


Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

-6-Sapphire(My Pri School Class)
-Jing Yi
-Jun Xian
-Luo Ting
-Qing Yi
-Samuel Ang
-Sock Hui & Miao Zhen


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