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| Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy B'day Yee Nah!

Yeah so its her B'day today...so jus say happy b'day like so many times...ps nvr get her a gift...too busy...

So yeah skol today and then boring...lol...then had P.E. and vivienne got hurt while playing freezebee...partly me and partly her...and partly LuoTing...I mean who asked her.

So the game is like our group of 5 was split up and I'm in a mixed group. The girls were not vry enthusiatic and the only other boy was Yu Xiang. So yeah I wanted challenge since freezebee is simple for me. Then we played the proper game. Then Luo Ting said 5 V.S. 2, since I wanted challenge...(and I didn't ask for tat)...so yeah Yu Xiang and I and the girls another...and so we pwned them 2 to 0. But then when I was blockin then Vivienne was like ok gotcha! then it hit her lips...but she open heart...thank God for that...

So recess...settle a few docs.

Then History. Apparently the teacher is new(and OH SO NEW) and so when I asked if the Old Harbour is deep enough for steamships to go into it he not sure....zzz...and wat's more he is tat type which teaches from the TB....so was lik ok lor...boring...

D&T. Nvr finish de hw but saved cause got duty XD

Duty was boring(I feel like so extra there)...

Wanted to go skol but cause of Mi Lian lor...

Then home.



Home again


Dead....no la l8r hw then sleep

~Cold water...being splashed on me...Life's cruel but meaningful but also difficult and tough and jus...tired...~

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| Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeah so busy these days nvr post much...
Yup I like Daughter/Servant of Evil(Parallel Stories) and the sequel Regret Message. Thank Sock Hui for introducing me Rin and Len...yeah.
If u wanna know they are part of Vocaloid, and man I gotta say their song stories sequel really is nice...but then Sock Hui send me the Maple Version...not touching.
Today jus slacked off...still got lots of HW and HW and HW.
These few days used Facebook. I tried adding my Maths Teacher now waiting for a reply...I mean cause I put Jian Hao so yeah he gets it he gets it he don't he don't...lol....
Then I play till now lor...doing HW then...
To end off, here's sth cool from Vocaloid and Camarelldansen hehe...

Hope its the correct vid...lol...

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| Monday, January 19, 2009

Collected my specs today...looks good on me...jus my face is like(yeah u knoe wat de...if u don't nvm haha),so not vry good on my face(contrasting right?)

Went to skol and came home...felt groggy and sick so nvr went for outreach. PM was good...

Maybe I'm such a busybody once a lot of times...
Maybe life is full of regret for me...
Maybe I'm jus guilty...

If only...

P.S. So tired and so dead...wat's life?

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| Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blimey, its Sunday!

Yeah which means tml is school...sad case. I think I doing pledge...yeah so bad thing...I mean its not bad thing...jus no mood...

Today was slacking yeah...and IMAGINE can play again yay...anyway I'll play another day...cause busy. And I still got PW and D&T...and had to finish by then end of this term...OMG...

Then @ 2 went out to do some things...then came home at 4 and out at 6 again...till 10+...do a round up CNY shopping...so yeah if u wanna know here's my estimated cost and wat I buy:
-Running shoes @ $164
-2 Informal Clothes and 2 Bermudas @ $200 below
-1 Formal Clothes @ $55
-1 pair of jeans(Mum ALMOST bought SKINNYS...which I'm thankful she mixed up) @ $60
-Specs(I hav to remake a new one cause I lost the old one) @ $150

And u can count the total.

I'm so like showing attitude these few days...but I can't tolerate any longer of any of my family members...IF ALL THINK THEIR RIGHT,then FORGET IT,the whole family can disband(I mean except for my bro lor...he joins one of my parent...

I go my way...maybe jus run away...to nowhere...


IF only I could be reborn again...

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| Saturday, January 17, 2009

When anger gets the better of me...

I jus blew up...jus for a couple stupid reasons:
1.Personal space
2.Bro not showing respect

Today de preaching abt wat I donno...but there's this part abt anger and tat we wanna control this sin but we can't...impulsive they called it. That's when God comes in.
Then this morning there's this parent forum talk...quite a waste of time since all should be said in sec 1. Mum and I were talking so well and so happy.

Then church. After that fellowship and home...

Then we had dinner...still well....till mum told us to pack up(I mean yeah I used the comp too much sometimes or like watever jus packing up is too stranious...see my room and u'll understand)

Then bro became unhappy. I mean he can't find a part in his maths set and was like blaming me cause I used it the last time(AND IT WAS MY MATHS SET!!! HE JUS TAKE IT!!!) I showed him once,he's not attentive and asked me again, so I just like toss it at him...frustrated(I MEAN I PUT IT BACK ALREADY!!! WALAO!!!)....

Then my bro kept wanting to watch me used comp. I mean its stupid and a waste of time...and cause I wanna hav personal space...jus like when I do my QT..which my bro jus BREAK THE SILENCE AND THEN ASKED ME ABT THE MATHS SET!!! WAT IS THIS?!?!

I blew...cause I like let my bro for so long but too bad he nvr change and nvr treat me as my bro(as in REALLY LONG LIKE 4 to 5 months,jus after I went to church and I realised that anger is a sin-which Benny nvr told me it was until some time l8r...)So yeah I change,to let ppl...even my bro...I mean I used to be so selfish,and now as well...but at least vry less selfish...

Then yeah was like Mum kept sayin tat did church teach u this?(The pastor said when u made it public that u r a christian ppl will see the reputation of God from u.... true)I mean the church teach good stuffs...and vry excellent. But then sadly I can't change it overnight....

We argued...mum kept using the word "kor-ta" (Which I donno wat it means but sth like selfish...)...and I was like "I JUS WANT SOME PERSONAL SPACE! DON'T U UNDERSTAND?!?!)

I really like regretted some things....so yeah here's a video I like(sad story....), but contradictorily its not a happy video...I want to share this....

Anger leads to blindness...and so wat Mum really thinks of some things all are revealed...and so now I know....


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| Monday, January 12, 2009

Yeah so today is Benny's B'day. And Benny called me for PM(I mean I already know its gonna be meeting then celebration of his birthday-isn't it obvious?)
Then went lor. Then Ruiyong and Randy(I donno who thought up of that plan)told me to act emo then when affirmation then I say Benny like vry bad so l8r then only RY,Benny and I were in the room. Then they prepare the cake. I know its bad la but then...yeah....
So it started and when worship its not worship but a birthday song for Benny. Nvr got tat one rdy so I was rdy to worship God lei! And then they sang b'day song I was like -_-
And they had a bread with cream(full) on it(u know wat they'll do rite?). Then he go clean up and I was like:Is it over? But no lol...there's still another one...and when affirmation I like played my role...but Ruiyong was like:"Huh? Wat u talking?" and I was like OMG wat hav I done wrong? But he knows the mistake so he quickly change de subject and ask everyone out except the both of us. I didn't say much lei...in fact. He cried and I was like woah u really do care so much....and I thought u so strict and nvr really cares...and so Ruiyong when Benny went to the washroom says u acted well and continue for a while. So I was like ok lor and when RY broke it I started laughing(I mean I can't control anymore). Then everyone was like saying I was a good actor and should join Drama Ministry instead of Communications, cause I acted so well and said only a few words and he can cry le....but yeah I don't act in front of a lot of ppl...I don't hav de courage. Then had cake and had some time fellowship and went home cause skol night.

Tml doing announcements or pledge....*cry*

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| Sunday, January 11, 2009

And here I thought its over....then God decided to test me again. This Saturday is the Parents Forum...and WE ARE SUPPOSED TO COME AND ITS COMPULSORY! ABSURD!

I mean its OK....just that why do THE LOWER SEC. HAV TO COME IN THE MIDS OF THE MORNING AND AFTERNOON!?!?! Why can't they jus make it on another Saturday morning?

I mean its not the problem-Its I hav to go for 2ND SERVICE, FOR JCs....man I'm so like out of place in there...and Benny was like:"Next week you go alone for 2nd service ah." Nice one...(I mean unless someone...just someone...like CK with me then OK lor its better)

Today was quite boring. Ytd was quite OK....everyday's confusing....
Then still got HW...OMG....wat I do now? Chinese composition lei....


But then....
-I so wanna fight back to be in Ruiyong's core team after falling down....
-Prove to Benny that he's so wrong in some of his ways....nope erm I'm not wrong to say tat...I hav my reasons. But no I'm not gonna tell him straight in his face:Its rude.
-Settle my HW(That means be a workaholic before a "playaholic")
-The projects...they hav to be done....
-Pray to God for help...I can't do this alone...and give me some time to breathe....I can't take it....

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My life's full of these.

Kindergarten-Teacher Annie
Pri School-Cedar:Mrs Wee, Mrs Radina and my Pri 2 teacher(sry forgotten the name)
Da Qiao:Mrs Yap,Mr Pei and a lot(I think all the staffs in the school! ^^)
Secondary-Teachers: Mr Ong Kai Kun, Mr Ivan Lee, Mr Otto Tham, Mr Lionel Ang and a few as well-sry nvr put here cause forgot or too much to think(Cause not all teachs teach me yet or helped me)
NEC: All? Yeah lol ^^

But specially for today's post is to thank Ruiyong(or Juiyong =D ) for his support when I hav some troubles these few days. Today he also keep me in prayer ^^ Thank God for him.
And we promise each other sth =) I havent forgetten yet, and not going to ^^

Today skol still ok. Nothing much. Tml busy again. PM gonna be late. Jus CG- late for it.
(This is on the 9th January 2009)

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| Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where is there peace when you can't hav it in your heart in the 1st place?

I don't think God is happy as well...I mean I abuse his Melody....by using "SECOND CHANCE" as an emo song....
Promised God that I will be doing QT today...after so many days....

Today school. History is very boring. The teacher is new so yeah....

I went to the library today. Borrow a bk.Hope to finish it and do a short bk review on it. My EL teacher promotes reading...so yeah....must read....

Oh btw did pledge today.....I did it horrendously.....I mean after being a prefect in Pri 6 then I nvr did it le....till today....

My outreach sucks...no contacts....
Tml CG leading testimonies...hope to do a good job....

I see they sky so beautiful,the sunset so peaceful....wished I could be up there forever.....seeing the same thing does not bore me....
But when I walked in to the house....the same prob jus rushed in....emotional feelings mixed up.....and I feel its all my fault....
Yeah, Mum's been finding fault and probs in me....but she is jus making herself worse. I mean yeah she cares but too bad I'm soft so.....
Grudges again. Sadness and misery..... what is life now? Where will I go on? How?
Cause of comp games....yeah still in holiday mood....gotta be a workaholic....I'm trying to put school and church and soon CCA in my job...so games is a relaxation....if only there was....

God shows life's bad, and the world's broken....that is when I seek him in spirit,but face it-we can't escape the fact we are in the physical world....and I need to seek someone......the question is,who?

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| Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Man so tired....
Yeah got sleeping and eating distorted these few days....not vry good....but at least still under control. I mean if case got worse then yeah....bad.
Tml gonna say pledge. Bad...I mean I lost my confidence like last year and still can't get it back....and my skills got rusty....
The Outsiders is a vry touching story...and I went to the library today and read some touching testimonies abt how God change ppl's lives as well. Nice ^^
Ok tml then ^^

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| Friday, January 2, 2009

Yeah today skol....and so yeah ok la...the assembly boring cause erm all abt talks....
So erm yeah then recess....then lead them to class -_-lll which is wrong place....its supposed to be parade square......lol.....
Then skol end le....yay....simple and easy.....but my holiday hw still nd to do lol......sad case....
Tml got scouts but I don't think nd to go.....check again.....
Short post ok so yeah and today its NEC 1st 2009 prayer meet =)

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Hey! NEW YEAR! | Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yay erm yeah new year!
For NEC ppl (if I hav ur contacts) I send to u this message:

Let the sunlight be ur ray of hope,
let the moonlight be ur guide to solve the problems at ur darkest hours
and let the stars be be your companions. ^^
Happy new year, as day or night life shall be joyous to u all. Don't waste 2009. Use it well. May God bless you =)

Yeah and let that be an encouragement to u guys out there as well ^^
Ok ytd went to skol to hav a meeting abt CCA....like omg....scouts teachers are vry persistent...but I also donno....they like hao xing talk like tat lei....they say nd our feedback to improve but they see like I don't keep stuffs to myself. Haha sad case but its the total opposite. Then erm had lunch and went to buy stuffs for BBQ (I went...lol.....I wanted not to but ..... I did )....then start at abt 6+ pm......then had chicken wings and pork sauages and marshmallows and pork meat and a lot la....lol....I forgot to take pics le....T.T
Then went home abt 10pm. Went to Brewerks at Waterfront to wait for countdown....and OMG the menu....its costly....but sigh...Dad wants so yeah...sad tat we can't see the fireworks...blocked by buildings....and we lasy to walk across the bridge and out to the roads...so erm but we nvr countdown loud as erm we donno when is tat so yeah....then ask Mum and Dad if I can go for bro's night. I came...cause I told them they go to sleep I go talk. =) When I came Benny said "Praise God!" . But at 1st I don't think so but then yeah praise God! =) Then buy drinks and had this testimonial saying tat wat we wanna change we had done not well in 2008. For me its Mercy and Confidence and Courage- I mean I shared that.(see at nds/wants and got the star....lol broken english) Then we had a toast. Drank "Sparkling Grape"....its like wine(they cal fake wine)...but no alcohol and its vry stong...omg....then they went to Mac(Gideon's idea to nap there-air con and cushion)...except for Zi Xiang, Benny, Randy, Vinay, Chenyee, Rui Yong and me....(if I'm not wrong)We played Citadel-Stradgy game. I won 2 times yay!(And erm yeah we played only 2 rounds, so straight wins...beginner's luck)And Benny was like kept aiming at me....lol y mark me when I'm so innocent? ><
Then all so tired so they went to sleep.....I wanted to go home but the ghost stories at the BBQ freaked me out so yeah I went back and say I don't dare to go home...lol....so Benny and Chenyee went with me but we split half-way so OMG.....scary lei...when no ppl and yeah...you know wat I mean.
Went home and sleep till 1pm....and now doing hw...omg......
Kk skol tml so see u all in uniforms....lol.....

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Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

-6-Sapphire(My Pri School Class)
-Jing Yi
-Jun Xian
-Luo Ting
-Qing Yi
-Samuel Ang
-Sock Hui & Miao Zhen


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