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UPDATED: | Friday, September 26, 2008


Memory jotted at 2:58 PM

BUSY: | Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ok quick post:

Days before:
-First few days bad T.T
-Then better as the days goes on ^^
-Got "Butterfly" song =3
-(Friday.) Went to Prayer Meet(was very late so sing last worship song) and later have dinner with them and then celebrate Mid-Autumn with NEC(North-East Caregroups)

-Went to Church(Start journey at 11am)
-Service from 12pm to 2.17pm
-Stay for lunch and hang out till 4.30pm(Got Benny's fave song Avril "I Will Be" & "Ina-I Wanted You" cause Benny gave his fave song and I want the "I Wanted You" so got both ^^ )
-Go Mid-Autumn Fest. cum School Anniversary @ School from 5.30pm to 8.30pm (Should be 8pm, but I helped out so dragged, and of course ZHSS la,duh! ^^)
-Have dinner at 9.10pm (food comes SLOW~ but also quite nice la...)
-Came home at 11pm(didn't do homework!)

-Came back to search skin till 12.24pm
-Went Clarke Quay to do Project Work till 4pm
-Came home, start with Maths Journal
-Out for dinner
-Use comp till now(OMG MY HOMEWORK!!! @.@ HURRY!!!)
-Changed skin liao ^^ (Jux now and finally succeeded to edit on my own!)

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| Friday, September 12, 2008

Mr Ong Kai Kun not here today...
And then 3 periods u know, so just design class tee(I mean Primary School) and do my science homework. Then got scouts, and in the end Prayer Meet go liao sing last song =3 (Hey at least I just in time right?)
Then just came back from celebrating Mid Autumn(Early one la...I go there and use the candles and play with lanterns...then learn about a few things about guitar...gonna train to be one!)
Then stomachache so just walk around...came home alone so a bit scary...but I just walk and amazingly I reached home ^^
Ok going soon and gonna be busy....SCOUTS...

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| Thursday, September 11, 2008

Short post today:Tomorrow scouts after that gonna GO TO PRAYER MEET! YAY!!! Then hang out for a while & rush my homework...still got a lot to do lei(Projects and Assignments...).
Stay updated cause LINKS ARE COMING SOON!!!And then good luck to me for my EXAMS~ All the best to ALL OF the students in SINGAPORE & OTHER COUNTRIES!!

Ok here comes the personal part: Today Chinese got the highest in one of the work ^^ (I prayed to God =3 ,and then I guessed, in the end I was blessed by God!!!)
Then in D&T got a teacher say I handsome(Wow....lol haha I mean I not even handsome la! But his "handsome" is tall & dark...and I want to be quite pale in skin as well...kinda different in thinking but haha =3 Long time never get this kind of praise liao. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!!)
Then went to caregroup gathering...kinda fun, until I got rammed by one of them...lol weak body la. 2 of them don't get well with each other, and game master a bit frustrated...scary la. In "Police & Thief" I kinda like get caught quite a few times(I go to catcher, not catcher go to me. Cause catcher will guard me and so they can help saving the flag...I not saved, catcher don't go,and catcher don't go, no one gets caught XP)
Then came home late...I see tomorrow le...hope tomorrow will be a better day ^^

Memory jotted at 9:31 PM

| Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Days are bad yesterday, but the light of hope from God shines on me today ^^
Yea, since yesterday got really bad luck, really wanna go haywire...but maybe God just wanna mature me(yea since Benny put it that way, I think he's right)
Yesterday: 1.Luo Ting's small group said STFU at me, and nearly the whole class cheered...how bad's that?
2.The IPW teacher(Not Mr Ong , but the other teacher, and Mr Ong is not our form teacher, but the one in scouts) just shoot at me for getting all the information on the internet only, but c'mon la, who said we must go there? No one, but Mr Ong did said that we may have to go there to research. But in the end, all of the groups go to their destination. We did as well, but we did not put any pictures we snapped to our powerpoint or video(I mean, we don't even know that we cannot just take the photo form the internet and put it in la, and she just said things like," My ten years old nephew can even do such a thing!" and "I go to Clarke Quay every weekend and you say that there is no heritage? I know Clarke Quay from the back of my hand. This is about intergrity you know!" . She ended of with "I am going to give you another chance, and if you do not do a good job, Mr Ong and I are going to fail you!" .Firstly, we do not know much of the information about the IPW and we just started this year. I mean we don't even know that we must go there, take pictures, and use them for our video and powerpoint project.( and c'mon la, IPW is internet project work) Secondly, if her ten year old nephew can do such a thing, she must have taught him or someone else, because I only learnt how to use the Windows Movie Maker not long ago. Thirdly, she may be lying to scare us about she went there every weekend just to scare us. Forthly, we HAVE intergrity and we did go there. Then in the end I just emo(yea that is waht they said, but I just kept thinking of what she said) till the end of the day.
3.Mr Ong Kai Kun like just very disappointed in us, because we did not give him respect in CE(maybe I did not give too much, because if I have question I just go to him and asked...bad)

Today:I irritated Luo Ting in calligraphy(aesthetics) , and I am like so childish la...I mean I am so quiet in front of a lot of people except for some of my classmates and Luo Ting(donno why la...habit).

Can't believe this Friday got scouts(exams coming liao la, c'mon!). Woah, very busy sia...but I am anticipating for 1E5 and 6 Sapphire Class TEE ^^ (Donno what name they gonna give me for 6 Sapphire, but I name myself ~Howling Wolf~ in 1E5 , because last time in council 2 of them just taunt at me calling me "Howling Wind" , and then "Dead Meat" . I don't like "Dead Meat" , so I used the name "Howling Wind" . But wind does not sound cool, so I changed it to "~Howling Wolf~" I wanna put the Christ Cross beside my real name at first, but since I don't think they can do it, tat is it,my name ^^ And I am proud of it ^^

Memory jotted at 6:35 PM

| Monday, September 8, 2008

How busy can I get these days?
Fine, maybe a lot, and all because I wasted time like running water...look, its 9.28pm, and I haven't finish my homework...by the time I finished it, most of you would be asleep(midnight, for your information).
Today school open ^^ Yea but then a bit tired, so its kind of boring. Then after school have lunch with Benny, Issac, Chenyee,CK & Zhi Xiang. Finally met up with Benny's younger brother(and Swee Tin mistaken Issac for Benny. Lol ^^ They look totally different la!). Then we went to play basketball. I was the worst player(fine, needless to say. I mean I don't play
much in primary school. People just say to me "Travel!" "Foul!" & "Out!" . I don't even train myeslf becaused I was demoralised...but I know how to strike at badminton ^^ Ok...maybe too much, that is why when I served, I wiped out the people instantly, because I out...c'mon la, the court so small...)

Then I went home, and slack again...ok gonna stop here...still got a lot to do...

Moral Support is the most important in everyone's life. Because the feelings of the heart is fragile, like mine...

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| Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ok now more busy, so I squeeze 3 days to 1 blog entry^^
I went to Compass Point on Thursday. Go and listen to a lecture about drugs. Donno why la, I mean everyone knows drugs are bad. Anyway luckily the caregroup gathering also at Seng Kang. God send them there so I can see them ^^ We play at the top level of carpark(Dangerous, but God blessed us ^^ )
I went to watched "Wall-E" yesterday ^^ (Second time watching movie in cinema.^^ No kidding people, though I am thirteen). Cool da movie. All about teamwork and action & got love...lol haha ^^ And prayer meet was before that. Its kind of like my last before I can go in the December holidays again...I am gonna miss it.
Today was normal...quite. I went to service at church(Nexus ^^ I am like waited for so long la! ^^) Then gonna finish my homework soon...otherwise can't play tomorrow ^^
Gtg le...

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| Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yea,and now looking back, I think this place really is holy after I got into y-hope church. Its good in a way,except people keep mocking me...especially Yu Xiang and Jeryl. But Benny just tells me to ignore those kinds of people. Guess I should. After all, who knows what will I do later?
Yea as the title said, I AM HOLY BAPTIZED! ^^ Actually, I have this feeling before, but I cannot push it to the maximum, cause I like don't dare to. Nevermind, at least I did it today ^^ .
So Metarmorphosis was fun, until I became quite sickly after running(the people in y-hope will know. Check your school ^^ ) cause we have a race.
Then had to go home le...too bad. Nvm short entry today. I'll post soon~ ^^

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Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

-6-Sapphire(My Pri School Class)
-Jing Yi
-Jun Xian
-Luo Ting
-Qing Yi
-Samuel Ang
-Sock Hui & Miao Zhen


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