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Youth Day | Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alright so I know I am one day late,but who cares?
Its always boring during the holidays(I had said it before,or had I?). Anyway today I finally can play one of the games I missed but cannot play because it cannot patch,but not anymore! Yes,its Maple Story! Yea! This may be my present for youth day!
Ok ok I might be a little too exaggerating but never mind. So today I went to my aunt's house and have a preview of what has happened in the Maple Story world.... its cool.
Actually I wanted to stay at home to play computer games(but sometimes playing the same games is boring...any suggestions? Please use the chatbox for suggestions as well as new ideas of yours. Just throw all in). But then I rarely see my aunt so...
Ok personal things over now for more general topics. Tomorrow is another day for school and ...wait.I remember my brother(in Pri 4 this year) is also
having youth day! So I was like,"What about children's day? Its not fair!" But never mind I don't need children's day...I am a teenager. This is my life, my way of thinking.
Ok for those out there who are teenagers i wish you all a
happy youth day!!!
P.S. I know its over but never mind. I did not talk much about general things...next time.

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