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| Friday, August 15, 2008

Got burnt in the hand today because of scouts...haiz...
But never mind...meeting up with Benny, Issac and friends tomorrow for service(going to church) and then today Ting Wei told Mr Ong about the y-hope members...he said they are rough(nice going...) and then I explained to Mr Ong la...hope he understands...

Yea didn't go for prayers' meet today...scouts =.= . Tomorrow going for campfire in Catholic High ^^. They are the best campfire organizers ever^^(privilege yea!). But too bad had to go early tomorrow after service...but we can still meet up on Sunday if he wants to ^^ , and I am A.O.K.!

In two weeks time I may be doing a test on the hike and MAY get the CCA award, and I am gonna do my best, as its the HIGHEST award we can get for CCA in secondary ones. Yea good luck to me and too bad can't go to service....

Then next 2 weeks need to do teachers' day decoration...then may missed out caregroup meeting...unfortunately. But if God sees that I really want to meet up He may ^^ . Better pray later? I think so....

Alright the next two weeks gotta be busy and so I need to work hard and may meet Benny and some of his friends on Sunday...(stressing, not angry la^^) IF HE HAS TIME SO I BETTER DO MY HOMEWORK ASAP.

Today History Test slept a while, and essay anyhow do...I think I did badly this time...

Wish me luck again ^^

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