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OK nice game ! | Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Its quite cool,though 2D platformed. I say its like WASD game,except all is flat. I like Ryan the most, especially when it is at the 3rd job(4th job advancement) Xenocider(do your homework, people)
From what I know, at first I hate this game because the graphic sucks. But then, its all thanks to Jeryl (in Zhonghua of 1E5 currently) which make me like this game! ^^
Oh yea, and I idolise him as he is a role model. According to a website(KOG i think), he is someone who likes nature, and remember the post not long ago? Yea we are like each other...except that he goes in a rage when he realise partusay is in underwater after what kase' asae's subordinate, erm like one of the sea god(he is called partusay in the game). That is some serious attitude.
There is he when he is a Xenocider. Cool, huh?
I am currently looking for games like this, be it 2D or 3D. Any information you can send it to me via my e-mail, jianann540@hotmail.com, or just erm...I don't know what you are going to use to contact me but for now lets stick to e-mail, ok?

Ryan RULES!!!

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