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| Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today is my first time going to a caregroup meeting^^ ! ITS GREAT!
Yea met up with Benny again today. 1E5 think I like a little bit wrong in my brain(yea putting it this way will make you guys understand better^^),because its either I Benny here, Benny there or its y-hope here, and y-hope there. Yea my life had changed since I went to the church.

Yu Xiang(a friend in Zhonghua Secondary,classmates) said that I am gay. Its like, I don't know what to say...really. But since his nature is like that I cannot change that fact. And Jeryl(good friend of Yu Xiang, another classmate of mine) said that I am in "drugs", because I am hyperactive these days.

O.k. past over now for today I realised that the meeting has got "ranks" as well! And the best thing is its like a SCHOOL^^ ! Yea there are teachers and a monitor and a principal and councilors...there is so much ! Haha, feels like going two schools, but this one very relaxed ^^

We celebrated a friend's birthday, know another person in the caregroup and realise how does a group do prayer together(I know Benny and Issac and now its *Darrel. *Think its spelled like that.)

Then we went for outdoor activities...but then got trapped in the lift and got out safely(yea kind of lucky...otherwise I don't know what I should do. O.K. la a bit scared there that my life would be taken away but then here I am now ^^. Sorry Benny that I kind of lied...but then that was only a mere thought, so I put it as not scared la...) I felt guilty about it as we got 9 people going in, and the maximum is 8 people. And when we were saved by an uncle, he was quite angry with us...kind of violated the rules. Then he saved us by telling that nothing was wrong to someone else and say don't tell people that we were trapped...at least he was kind enough to do that ^^ . Scary though his face and his expressions...

Hope Benny is going to be my shepherd soon^^(yea there is a VERY high possibility that I am going to be his sheep. Remember the sheep and shepherd system?) Yea he plays a lot of roles to me, sometimes a friend, other times a counselor , and even a father sometimes(like beforehand telling him something and get consent form him, and scold me when I do something wrong * So far have not done anything wrong ^^ )

Yea after that another of my classmate(Ting Wei) saw me and saw the rest of the people like older than me, so he thought I was in a bad company( I am at a middle of a game...alright la a little embarrassing but then nevermind what's done is done )..so he was like somehow threatening me(saying going late and think I am gonna give excuses...but I told my mother about it ^^).

Alright History Test tomorrow and Scouts =.=(not again...) and later campfire at night on Saturday...But Benny told me to enjoy ^^ . That was kind of him. And then next week got decorations for teachers' day and detention duty...this is bad...only can see him on Saturday and then if lucky then on Thursday as well ...but its up to God and fate/destiny ^^ . After that the week after maybe cannot see him liao...but I try and meet him up on Sunday(that is, if he has time), because I got a hike,and maybe get promoted XD( then Sec. 2s cannot call " Sec. 1s FALL IN!" ,because we have a leadership role by then...really hope get promoted la^^) . After the examinations also like that( and I am sure Benny will help me as well ^^ ), because everyday + Saturday need to go to scouts to get ready for National Pioneering Camp( NPC. Think the long words means this..somehow forgotten Xp ). Yea so hope to see him on Sunday and hope they will not take it away...and during the 5 days finally maybe go hang out with him and other people as well ^^ .

Wish me luck ^^ .

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