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What do I do? | Sunday, August 10, 2008

I wished Benny can be my mentor forever, and BEST FRIEND...
Yea, after I found out today that if Benny's school and my school 's NEC group are completed(minimum 7 people), we may have to separate each other to form a new group. Its either they go to NEC3 or we do...

I know I am selfish, but if you really hang out with him for just one day, you will know how kind he is...yea. I wished I could just tell straight in his face that I want to be his BEST FRIEND...but I just do not have the courage...

Yea, having a best friend means we can talk anything and hang out with each other...but a nice guy like him should have already a best friend...

I hope he reads this blog, to see how happy I am to have known such a nice guy ^^ .

We had lunch today so he and a friend(forgot the name..sorry) introduce me to this new thing...yea. We had a great time together. Then they had to go to a meeting so I went home..yea.

Sorry..guess I shouldn't have put so many "yea"...haha.

Gonna see him again this coming Thursday after the Chinese test(which is my most worst subject). Better ask him if I can change my clothes...if not if I am seen I am going to have a big time.

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Wong Jian Ann
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You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

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