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| Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yesterday got no time again, so as usual I will squeeze both days to one blog post.
Yea, so yesterday got a slight sore throat, but it does not affect much, then I slept at 11pm something, yea kind of have a slight cold then, because Saturday after service I went home after lunch and then did not bring umbrella so had to walk in the rain, Sunday was no different, except that its drizzling only. Fine enough, nothing much, until yesterday got a slight cold(repeated, but just in case you forgotten ^^ )

The flu only is at its maximum today(3 days after? Quite slow...), when in the morning I kept sneezing. I prayed, then it became better. But then in class I was sick again, then met up with some of the caregroup members(they doing outreach, and I am new, so nevermind. Yea Benny was kind of busy, so I was "ignored" , but nevermind, I gave him enough trouble already in sms, and he is so busy sometimes he didn't reply). After that I cannot take it anymore so I went home without training for the contingent. I prayed hard that I will recover.

Then Mum saw my face was kind of sick, so soon she knows that I have a flu(yea then came a headache and a slight fever) . I sms Benny just then to tell him about my problem. Yea I felt like an idiot, always relying on him. But then he laughed, and told me that its his duty as a shepherd. Fancy him laughing. But then nevermind. Haha (Lol) .

Yea now I hope next week they don''t tell us to come back for scouts...at least let us have a full one week break la...

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