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| Thursday, September 11, 2008

Short post today:Tomorrow scouts after that gonna GO TO PRAYER MEET! YAY!!! Then hang out for a while & rush my homework...still got a lot to do lei(Projects and Assignments...).
Stay updated cause LINKS ARE COMING SOON!!!And then good luck to me for my EXAMS~ All the best to ALL OF the students in SINGAPORE & OTHER COUNTRIES!!

Ok here comes the personal part: Today Chinese got the highest in one of the work ^^ (I prayed to God =3 ,and then I guessed, in the end I was blessed by God!!!)
Then in D&T got a teacher say I handsome(Wow....lol haha I mean I not even handsome la! But his "handsome" is tall & dark...and I want to be quite pale in skin as well...kinda different in thinking but haha =3 Long time never get this kind of praise liao. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!!)
Then went to caregroup gathering...kinda fun, until I got rammed by one of them...lol weak body la. 2 of them don't get well with each other, and game master a bit frustrated...scary la. In "Police & Thief" I kinda like get caught quite a few times(I go to catcher, not catcher go to me. Cause catcher will guard me and so they can help saving the flag...I not saved, catcher don't go,and catcher don't go, no one gets caught XP)
Then came home late...I see tomorrow le...hope tomorrow will be a better day ^^

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Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

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