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| Friday, November 28, 2008

Yay I did some editing to my blog...like updating etc. Mouse Rollers up! Cause I put a max of 500 posts in one shot...cause erm...donno? Oh yea check out my previous 20 to 30 blog post...cause I update almost everyday and things are quickly passed if u dont come daily,so I suggest u do tat....Didn't do my hw.....

Actions-Yea so I settled my things in early morning,then used de comp,and Mum was like messing with my face again? Yea...then not much appetite for breakfast and got really frustrated....really like lost my control....

Weather-Bit dark
Actions-Yea take bus to CG near Compass,and then we do our things lor....then after that Outreach(OMG I feeling faint)...didn't hav a contact. In the end they play LAN I went home...I bored with Warcraft DoTA....so there. Hong Jie and his sheep when for BBQ after CG(Mind u its class),and all I did at home but one thing: Slack.

Weather this time(12.48am)-Red...
Actions-At night use comp played game for a while got bored again search games watched some childish shows and then msn-ing all de way...see ppl's blogs as well....lol....Back to Nature

So all in all.....erm good night....

Memory jotted at 12:40 AM


Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

-6-Sapphire(My Pri School Class)
-Jing Yi
-Jun Xian
-Luo Ting
-Qing Yi
-Samuel Ang
-Sock Hui & Miao Zhen


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