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| Monday, November 10, 2008

Got a headache these days...but its so common...that I don't care liao.The reason? Too bored or kept being confined indoors too much. So there. Then this morning talked to Jerome again. He kept telling me to tell Benny everything I told him...but I don't wanna and don't dare. Yea u asked why,and my reply is: I may be bothering him or he may be too busy.
Then went to the house used for prayer meet. We used it for pioneers meet lor(btw Jerome opened a chance to account or inform about my life to Benny:),but I quickly ended it)...then we worship and after that got 2nd lesson about caregroup. Then settle some business in church,then went home. It rained almost the whole day....so quite bad....
Ok fine I stayed up till 5am last night cause I emo...donno for wat. My mind was blank,I'm confused...the world seemed to come to an end...I keep repeating the song Fall by Ina. In the end I account and inform him. Via sms first(ok now I regretted it not telling my life to him,cause I kept telling Jerome only....then he told me to not do it again by not telling him)...then he online....so we jux chat lor....Benny:) seemed to like Fall by Ina as well(hey I liked it too.U'll know wat I mean if u listen to it)...and he(ok I hav this habit as well),when everytime receives a new song which he likes,repeats it over and over again. Lol shepherd and sheep alike! XD
Then I account everything to him...and then Hong Jie add me to his contact. Another NEC lol....now I donno wat to do....my left arm seem to hurt...my head's splitting...and I donno wat to do....

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