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| Thursday, November 13, 2008

I donno wat I had been doing these days...especially today.
Btw to Hong Jie: Yup,Benny:) is great! ^^
Morning I woke up at 11am. OMG! So late le! Cause I emo till 2.30am last night....forced myself to. Ok not good don't learn! Lol ^^
Play Audition after breakfast. Then play Myth War 2 and tried some other games la...jux wanna play something new today. But in the end uninstall everything. Its till...ok I haven't stop using the comp since morning...lol. Btw I hav no lunch or dinner. I don't want it. I hav no appetite. (Don't learn as well ^^ )
I wanted to watch Casshern Sins. Too bad Mum is watching her show. So there. I talked to Benny:) at night. Some general stuffs. Btw yea the song Suddenly by Ina is correct ^^ But he hav not much reaction lei...strange. Or maybe its jux me.
Then went to Youtube again. Listen to songs "Suddenly" ,"Its not me its you!","U.G.L.Y","Graduation"....yea that's about all.
Then play Audi...I think comp got prob le....a serious one as well...hope not to overpower it...
Benny:) multi-sms while I was playin Audi. The first time I ignore. The 2nd time(ok I donno who sent the 2 sms-es till halfway a match in audi then check. Saw his name on both the sms
....)I continued for a while then check. I replyed him back straight away,heck care about the match liao. I thought if I sms him after the match he wouldn't mind. The 2nd time I decided not to le.
Then replay songs from Youtube.....using msn at the same time lor,since I don't wanna play liao and no more shows to watch...
And now? My head is in a whirl. I feel so slacked yet tired now...
Mum told me to sleep liao...starting to get frustrated le...but no la...not going to sleep soon...
Anticipating for this Fri DQ graduation day! XD Now I waiting for tml....blog tml abt it.
~Hav a good Life~

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Wong Jian Ann
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