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| Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yea...I really need help in time management: I mean I haven't bought my Sec 2 books,and I seriously donno when I gonna start HW....
Nd to be done soon,before HEROES CAMP!(HEY! Its jux a goal,a GOAL!)

Morning woke up early to meet with de counsellor: this time hav to pass through the security...too bad...but nothing happened...so ok lor....

We talked abt my "flashbacks" in church...actually not really flashbacks,but:
1.The song,the tune...it pulls my emotions down...
2.The preaching,abt how God can bless us in big or small problems.
3.The thing that I fought so hard tat I finally came to church...and thinking abt my life which is vry difficult...

So in conclusion: I sobbed.

Then soon he had to go for a meeting,so I went home lor...to get changed and then to Pionner's Meeting.
So morning was quite fine...(He bought me a cream for my scratch marks and scars...and it cost $4!! OMG....thanks a lot ^^ )

Afternoon: Yea nearly late for Meeting...but in the end came at 2pm. So yay...lol....then dragged on to 1/2h....then worship,after tat its lesson,then RY was like thanking how God blessed some of us...I got it,cause I came for this instead for CCA etc. But its really all thanks to my counsellor. Yea. Then RY was like asking me abt my X3 Watch cancelled. Yea tat time its major virus...but it soon ended...donno when virus will strike again. He asked abt Cheetah Girls I think....cause I looking for songs tat time...and nice one Benny(Or is there someone else?) -_- ,said from Disney. But no the Cheetah Girls are a band by itself. But there is a movie coming up I think?? Maybe they trying to revive tat past. This year's theme is retro,I deduct. Oh but then RY kept saying Panda Girls...and tat makes me suspicious abt my bro(I caught him watching "dirty stuffs" abt girls. One or two times le....)watever. Its de past. Now don't look back and all for the future.

Night: Talk abt Benny's char and personality mostly. I feel like a jinx...but maybe i think too much. Donno. Btw night's sky's red....sth is gonna be totally wrong...but donno wat. And the song Because You Live is like giving me a impact. Cool song.

I chance upon Jerome's blog today again and saw his blog is updated a bit...haha. But I'll show you one post from him:

"sometimes i think about some words like why were they created for.
the word i am looking at today is the word 'impossible'
the bible has already said, : nothing is impossible with god. so why use the word? i mean when u say like' oh... how ah? this thing... aiya. impossible one lahs.. then u rmb that thr is god. Jesus. then u rmb the verse sying: wht is impossible with man is possible with god. then u feel that. yeah, with god i can do it. so why even think of what is impossible? eveything is possible. with god. without god, then i guess u can use the word impossible in everything u do. cause u cant even stand up straight without god. yea. so really i think we MUST have faith in god , in Jesus christ and really put our trust in him no matter the situation."

Yea...but I say: Define impossible.
You can't right?
In fact,everything is possible. Every action is possible. Its the result tat may not be wat we expect or we cannot get that we may think its "impossible". Yea...but in conclusion he's right: Put faith and trust in God and to the max,cause he can change the result to change our fate,our destiny,our life.

K all I wanna say today. Nights and hav a good rest and a good life.

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Wong Jian Ann
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