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| Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quite a tiring but fun day.
Yea. In the morning got Quiet Time(Do I hav to say Morning Quiet Time...nvm I jux said it =.="). Then I didn't share,though I was prepared. I don't hav much confidence,so there. We had worship before that,and I was like so blur la...lol...not.
Then till afternoon we had QT...cause we started late. Then afternoon hav lunch at Mac. Not much appetite(happens a lot of times these days...). Benny:) realise it fast....which I didn't expect tat...but shepherd of mine,I can hide almost nothing from him. I'm so proud to say I sleep at 1am last night,not like the night before: 5am. Cause I emo-ing. He slept at 3am last night,cause he can't really sleep when he was at bed at 1am. And he listening to Fall-Ina. Lol XD haha.(Btw now I also keep repeating the song XD). Ina's voice is very good,but so far Benny and I know 2 songs from her. I think got another one called "Suddenly" . I'll check tat l8r. None of us had really seen her face as well...donno why she don't want...or maybe we still hav not search enough yet.
Then guitar lesson! ^.^ I'm so into it. I learnt the worship strum le....so now I trying to practice,if I get my hands on a guitar again.Yea. I think its C E- ? D le for the cords. Totally forgotten. But I remember the fingers positions to do these =)
Then after the guitar lesson they choosing between playing LAN or sports. I'm neutral. But they don't wanna do the same thing as a group,and so I play soccer lor...(tat was the only choice for sports btw). Went home after that,cause I feel bored playing LAN(DoTA) le...at home kept playing and ppl kept pwn-ing me. I used Garena.Benny didn't went as well. I think cause Hong Jie didn't go lol....but donno la. Maybe he tired. So I don't wanna judge others.
Night I went out to the night market(yes,its here ^^) with Mi Lian and Christina,cause I bored. My bro I think quite happy,cause he can play quite long,and so I let Mum control him liao lor...otherwise he has no control. Jerome came to find me on MSN...but ps la...went out le...(Btw I got permission and I account to Benny:) le. So there.)They still the same. Lol. Ok so Mi Lian is still quite...childish. We talked about some stuffs lor...quite common and general so nvr go and remember...but I want her to invite me to go to this Friday's Graduation Day lei....she can only invite 5,and now she's short of ppl to contact...so I hope she invite me la.
Went home,use comp. Play audi lor....then now I using msn....QT? Soon,I think.

Time Check: 11.36pm

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