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| Saturday, November 29, 2008

Silent Chorus
What? Can't today be silent?
Ok fine hw still not done yet ==....bet ppl like Ming Xia had finished it a long time ago...
So today used comp in morning...afternoon slept till 4pm....yea u know i hate sleeping,but Mum kept telling me off for using comp too much...then afternoon PM till 6.30pm? Then had dinner and went home...use comp to search for games, msn, GC and etc...wth....no more cool games for action liao...I want 3D keyboard action like Dragonica...but too bad donno why cannot play....then now I donno wat to play liao....

Oh btw for DS gamers try out Summon Night Twin Age cause the AI system really cool...wanna play games like this,except 3D and keyboard controlled...yea everything keyboard. Why u asked? Cause mouse is all mostly AI fighting...all based on stats...not fun...I want sth like 3D GC...cause GC does not based on stats,but on skills as well. Look-a lvl 2 can beat a lvl 20 in PvP.

Yea now gtg soon...btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUOTING ON 29/11/2008!!! Yay! (Lol -_-lll....my birthday not even tat big of a celebration la...actually like normal day. Haha............)

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Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

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