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| Monday, November 24, 2008

Tired. Bored. What else?
Yea...But I'm also quite busy? Talk abt it...still got a lot to do....buy books etc....
Gonna start on a night plan...in fact,if I can,I'll plan for a full day plan: from tml onwards...

Morning was fine:Weather,breakfast...its quite a bit of life...but bit dead cause I use comp...bit too much,till noon. I woke up at 10am...omg.....its quite late. I wanted to pack my stuffs in the morning and cut my hair by today...oh well....

Afternoon: Windy. Then lunch was a bit erm...not nice? Yea...somehow its not quite good....but still ok ba.....Then late afternoon rained....I wanted to go out...to meet Benny:) and they all....at least as an observer cause I'm a bit sick these few days. They playin bball you see. But nvm...it rained,rite? Jinx is me.....

Night:Yea till now. I had dinner,quite delicious,but I've no appetite....if I can skip it I will,seriously. Then came home pack my table:Quite neat,which I'm proud of myself. Got the song Because You Live. Btw Jiani I'll take some time to relink cause I busy sry. Busy of wat you all ask? Lets jux keep it low for now.....Btw continued de conversation with Hong Jie and Jerome again...this time abt Benny:) and my past and how to deal with it.....

Sat you asked? Here:
Morning: Quite good....ate some cakes for breakfast,so its good. Then get ready to go meet up with Rui Yong to go Nexus at 9.30am. I arrived at 9.20am =.=" (Kiasu? No...jux wanna be punctual ^.^ ) Yea. And we dragged it to 10am. Erm I should say he's quite lucky cause I'm a very patient person(although someimes I can be really annoying and impatient....to an extend....)...so we reached Nexus at about 10.40am or so.But nvm. Then rehersal for a skipt for publicity:Minilution for HEROES CAMP! More info will be much l8r on. So there. Yea then saw the rehersal:quite erm mixxed up? Cause I nvr see a runthrought of everything...maybe they did it earlier? Donno. Then they prayed and the doors are opened...

Afternoon: The service I was quite hungry and tired....yea. But I went throught it all la...the preaching was when it hit max...and I nearly dosed off near the preaching...sry...But its vry good. Cause it talks abt problems of life and how God bless and protects us. Then the last part of service I like cried a bit(jux sniffing? Yea not tat exaggerating but I considered it cried cause got tears...)....the last song is One Thing and when they ask the leaders to pray for us who had problems for our lifes...but I didn't go down...I dont dare...but I got a vry big and serious problem in my life.....Then lunch. I bought something which can satisfy my hunger....and almost everyone was like going crazy??? Ok la but ppl in NEC jux interact with each other lor...usually its school fellowship...but hey no leaders...wat u expect? Btw jux interact among ourselves,no harm. I was like singing the chorus of One Thing for till I went home at 4pm. Service ended at 2.30pm or so....but hey its jux to relieve myself ok? But come to think of it I'm quite embarrassing back then....cause I don't have a vry good voice you know....Then went home vry soon cause they going near Zhonghua Sec...and I like hav a bit of phobia.....

Night: Dinner was skipped,thankfully,cause I seriously hav no appetite....then use comp,then had a 3 way discussion between Hong Jie,Jerome and me...abt my past and Benny:).....then went to sleep...

Hey I know its supposed to be Sat then Sun but what's done is done...sry....btw its 1am now so nights...tml hav to wake up early....

Last Note: Sry Benny:) but in reality.....I haven't really told you much....the counsellor is the one whom I told the most in my private life. Not because I don't want,but because he really can get the facts out of me....

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