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| Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's quite good!
Yea. After I left from house at around 12.15pm,I was still wondering if CG is at 1.30pm...so I was like checking with my brothers. And yep,its 1.30pm. I thought I might me late,so I told Yo Lee I might be late....cause a bus left while I was sms-ing....
Then another one came at 12.40pm...and I was heading for Compass Point,so I thought need 1 hour....but in the end I reached at around 1pm....so I was like yay,thank God for tat! Headed for Xue Wen's house,then we moved our CG location to carpark. Benny(: came. I mean he said he not coming today cause his younger bro's birthday...I mean he so caring to even care for his bro's B'day. I nvr did tat. In fact this year I didn't celebrate it,cause I feel so dull,colourless,black and white. Its like the end of the world for my birthday...so I didn't celebrate it. My bro's B'day was when he was coming back from his trip to Medan(forgot which country le sry),and he celebrate it with his princlpal,my former principal. 11 June,if you must know.
Yea then CG. Indoor games come 1st,and we are the 1st game...so I explain the rules:
There are 2 citerias u must clap your hands and not say the number. 1 is if the number is in there,and 2 is a multiple of it.
E.g. No. is 5.
Yea. Its hard to explain for me...in the end I dont even know wat I am talking about....=.=" But we had a trial run and they got it...so yay!(Btw Benny(: encourage me ytd,Caring One wat ^^ and I was prepared...so there...but how should I know I'l get nervous?)....
Skip to the end of CG. We went to Popular,I bought a stapler and some bullets. Then it too us quite a while to decide wat to do....in the end we go play LAN...
DoTA: 2nd last again in position...I so noob la. Yea and Yo Lee was like targeting me,with Vinay supporting him...and I escape and got pwned so many times....lol. Benny(: lvl up fast...in fact i think its only him who hit lvl 25 first and the only one...pro lor....
Oh and I heard tat Chenyee said " 那个 Dragon 要死了!" during one part of Benny(:'s team assault....and I was like WTH....so everyone was aming at me,like I'm so easy to kill....zzz...after the game I told Yo Lee tat he keep aiming at me,and the best part is,he donno! Walao!
Then we decided to go back home,each our own individual routes....I came home,use comp,eat somethings...and in Grand Chase got Ronan le! XD Sweet!
But Ronan so easy the quest....and I was like wth....Ryan took such a long time to get la! Oh btw did I tell u that RONAN SKILLS ARE SO COOLER THAN RYAN'S AND MORE FLASHY?!?!!? Darn....and it seems like Ronan is like ultimate,cosider a warrior magician....power and strength....and Ryan is only like atk not so good....quite cheapstake...but harder to get....lol. If Ronan does not hav long hair I'll use him la! As long as the hair of his is like Ryan's spikey hairstyle I'll be like yay! U're de BEST! Too bad lor....Ryan cooler XD

Oh and I talked to Benny(: today...and I actually realize I don't really know everyone in the caregroup yet....sad case. But he still rocks! I told him about ytd I slept at 5am,and I put a ^^ ...and he was like "U still can put ^^" ....*I bet he was like "gg" to me...I think....*

Got some cool songs after I asked Sock Hui to search...and she like so fast la! OMG.....

K I playing neopets lol.....not very fun but donno why I kept going back to play...addictive? Maybe...

Got to sleep soon...tml DQPS Graduation Day,and I kept pestering Mi Lian to invite me to go....cause she giving a speech so she can invite up to 5 ppl to see...and I want cause I wanna hav a reunion,and I was the Head Prefect last time,so I must not miss it....ok la...I'll be humble and say:All I want is to see my teachers and youngsters again. ^^

Time Check:1.34am.....
~Have a good Life~

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