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| Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yea came back from scouts and council....somehow escaped at 1pm....
I went to council at around 4pm ytd,then we played some games and then got "Test of courage" walk. I quitted on the entrance of the 1st station....scary.
Went to sleep at 12am.....before that scouts i thinking of death,again.
Today I also thinkin of death...and think to die tonight. But don't think so la. Btw I left for scouts at 9am,and guess wat? Sir's not here! But nvm.....
I left for guitar after lunch. Its around 2pm when they start the lesson. I'm still very new to this.I told Benny:) all I nd to,and went home to change at around 5am before going back to them for fellowship. I went jogging(I got third ^^ ) 3.3km. WooHoo! Achievement! XD Then had dinner with Giddeon and there are around 8 of us. We had roti prata. Then we ordered and when we paid the bill,Jerome's shepherd needs to like pay another $20 to get paid. I was like OMG,who did not pay or did not pay much? I paid $4,accordingly. But nvm....
Then had desserts,talk till 9.45pm,then we went home. Giddeon saw my scars on my hands,and he said:"Whoever did this is wrong." and he goes on sayin tat is not good and askin who did it. I nvr revealed the true story or who did it,somehow I think its thankful. But I did it,and I'm so in the blame....
His last question was askin of our goals in life. Occupation,duh. I said:"I'll let God lead me." and he said "Pastor" I hav the gift of teaching you know....but I donno la.....
Went home,use comp,played a detective game called Phoenix Wright or something like tat la. I may wanna be a lawyer or someone doin arts,and photograhy is counted. But as I said,let God lead the way.

So long,and now its torture and "HELL" ...... talk soon XD

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