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| Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hey how are you guys? Hope your days are not like mine. Cause my days are boring and busy. No mood to do hw and I still got a pile of tasks nd to do....yea I'm gonna be toasted......vry crispy....anyway those who know today i'm with my family having a family day erm yea i had. But its night outing lol....my days are spent on comp. Night had dinner wanton mee and yea its quite ok....then I had a bit of a diorrea(donno how to spell) prob at Gain City(is gain spelled like tat? OMG.....am I too stressed).....yea went to buy a new washing machine cause ours are broken down....can be repaired but how long can the repair survived?(We had tat for abt 10 years)So I wnt home and talked to a few ppl on msn and do my stuffs.
Btw haha I know its childish(u nvr know me much,but yea sometimes I really watch kids shows to kill time),but watching power rangers jungle fury(a fusion of Wild Force and Ninja Storm i think...kinda like an advancement,like Overdrive with a fusion of Turbo,Lightspeed Rescue and SPD. U get it u get it,otherwise u don't erm...u don't).....yea and there's this lion spirit which is really cool...except the mane got 2 "ponytails"....pretty extra. Erm same u dont get it u dont(I love those lions with those sharp, sparky,spikey manes....kinda like a robot.....I'll try and draw it ^^ ,but Gold,not Black and Gold of course....lol Lion and Leo are my kinda thing....hmm....maybe God is trying to be like one.....like courage,strength,might etc. Oh maybe courage!) Ok its stupid lol to watch it but hey its cool sometimes to see their weaponry and zords. For those who know me really extra well u'll know tat i'm trying to start a project called "Project Weapons". Too bad I dont hav the time....well maybe on the sec 4 vacation lol.......
Tat aside,jus sth personal(erm tat PRJF is already personal so jus an addition *u r lucky! to read this*): I'm a fan of myths and legends and all those ancient things. Like the phoenix and pegasus and dragon etc.....yea I mean its cool isn't it? Lol nvm.....anyway my fave words are things like "Eternity","Legacy","Legend" etc. I mean the word Legacy is so long forgotten in my mind...till one day I saw a guy in Grand Chase with the name "iLegacy"...and I was like HEY! The word came back to my mind! Its so cool u know jus to get a piece of memory u put it back in ur head and surface again. "Leo" is back in my mind when I jus had my instincts active. I used to like tigers till donno when Lions are my kinda thing(maybe cause tat sharp, sparky,spikey manes from some robot lions.....but hey tigers are still my thing....I mean white tigers only,jus like sharp, sparky,spikey manes lions only.....)
Ok enough crap talk of me today.....signing off.....omg 1.50am le.....tml still got a long~ day...T.T

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Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

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