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| Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey how's it going?
Bored so just post lor....
Today woke up at 5am(OMG)....nd to get rdy for sec 1 registration. Then bathe and had breakfast and leave with my relative. But Mum and I had a little arguement on the neatness of my shirt. U'll understand soon.
So arrived to skol and then check on attire and leave to usher then at 9am had to go up....I was "sabotaged" to be a model for the attire.....great achievement but still lol......T.T
Then do redeployment duties for a while then to Y-Comm. Had this workshop so just learn. For illustrations I was dozing off....OMG....but l8r so on had energy le lol....and yea during lunch we were seperated to groups and yeah we were fellowship then they ask my age and was like Sec 1 this year. They were like shocked -_-lll I mean yeah I am 13....I think I'm the smallest. Btw they thought I was sec 3 -_-lll lol.....so we had ramen so yay got this soya? ramen?? Donno but its buy one get one free so usual price $12 so $6 ^^ yay.....then after that PM and Benny called and was like OMG......scary. So I rushed to PM and I saw the international delegate by the name of Torchi( I think spelled like tat ) Then was like he sharing his experience....and my butt hurts....lol.....then he like pray for ppl around so yeah and I can't believe I was like spotted by him( I was like yes yes yes! I mean when will you get such an opportunity coming like that?)....but I was in doubt so I was like hand signal: "Me? Me?" and he like confirm and so I went up...then God told him abt my grudge on some ppl for some small things that Im considering backsliding....then he said a verse from Timothy? Erm anything la I know its abt Timothy so its abt my grudges and unforgiveness....and then Giddeon said abt my fears and abt courage. Thank God and praise Him for them! ^^ My question abt backsliding is confirmed ^^ I am not gonna do tat!
So l8r had dinner at Sumo House. Same dish 2A Kasudon at $2.90 with chicken and egg and soup etc....can memorised le lol.....went home think today slack and so play some games and btw I gave my loyalty to God to the max and to Benny le. I trust in them ^^ Good job Benny u had passed God's test!( I think its my test but hey God created it rite? )
I'm a different person, from a different generation!

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Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

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