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Hey! NEW YEAR! | Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yay erm yeah new year!
For NEC ppl (if I hav ur contacts) I send to u this message:

Let the sunlight be ur ray of hope,
let the moonlight be ur guide to solve the problems at ur darkest hours
and let the stars be be your companions. ^^
Happy new year, as day or night life shall be joyous to u all. Don't waste 2009. Use it well. May God bless you =)

Yeah and let that be an encouragement to u guys out there as well ^^
Ok ytd went to skol to hav a meeting abt CCA....like omg....scouts teachers are vry persistent...but I also donno....they like hao xing talk like tat lei....they say nd our feedback to improve but they see like I don't keep stuffs to myself. Haha sad case but its the total opposite. Then erm had lunch and went to buy stuffs for BBQ (I went...lol.....I wanted not to but ..... I did )....then start at abt 6+ pm......then had chicken wings and pork sauages and marshmallows and pork meat and a lot la....lol....I forgot to take pics le....T.T
Then went home abt 10pm. Went to Brewerks at Waterfront to wait for countdown....and OMG the menu....its costly....but sigh...Dad wants so yeah...sad tat we can't see the fireworks...blocked by buildings....and we lasy to walk across the bridge and out to the roads...so erm but we nvr countdown loud as erm we donno when is tat so yeah....then ask Mum and Dad if I can go for bro's night. I came...cause I told them they go to sleep I go talk. =) When I came Benny said "Praise God!" . But at 1st I don't think so but then yeah praise God! =) Then buy drinks and had this testimonial saying tat wat we wanna change we had done not well in 2008. For me its Mercy and Confidence and Courage- I mean I shared that.(see at nds/wants and got the star....lol broken english) Then we had a toast. Drank "Sparkling Grape"....its like wine(they cal fake wine)...but no alcohol and its vry stong...omg....then they went to Mac(Gideon's idea to nap there-air con and cushion)...except for Zi Xiang, Benny, Randy, Vinay, Chenyee, Rui Yong and me....(if I'm not wrong)We played Citadel-Stradgy game. I won 2 times yay!(And erm yeah we played only 2 rounds, so straight wins...beginner's luck)And Benny was like kept aiming at me....lol y mark me when I'm so innocent? ><
Then all so tired so they went to sleep.....I wanted to go home but the ghost stories at the BBQ freaked me out so yeah I went back and say I don't dare to go home...lol....so Benny and Chenyee went with me but we split half-way so OMG.....scary lei...when no ppl and yeah...you know wat I mean.
Went home and sleep till 1pm....and now doing hw...omg......
Kk skol tml so see u all in uniforms....lol.....

Memory jotted at 3:34 PM


Wong Jian Ann
Coming 15 in 2010

You average upper sec student.


Peace ^^v

Knows what I am doing now.

-6-Sapphire(My Pri School Class)
-Jing Yi
-Jun Xian
-Luo Ting
-Qing Yi
-Samuel Ang
-Sock Hui & Miao Zhen


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