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| Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy B'day Yee Nah!

Yeah so its her B'day today...so jus say happy b'day like so many times...ps nvr get her a gift...too busy...

So yeah skol today and then boring...lol...then had P.E. and vivienne got hurt while playing freezebee...partly me and partly her...and partly LuoTing...I mean who asked her.

So the game is like our group of 5 was split up and I'm in a mixed group. The girls were not vry enthusiatic and the only other boy was Yu Xiang. So yeah I wanted challenge since freezebee is simple for me. Then we played the proper game. Then Luo Ting said 5 V.S. 2, since I wanted challenge...(and I didn't ask for tat)...so yeah Yu Xiang and I and the girls another...and so we pwned them 2 to 0. But then when I was blockin then Vivienne was like ok gotcha! then it hit her lips...but she open heart...thank God for that...

So recess...settle a few docs.

Then History. Apparently the teacher is new(and OH SO NEW) and so when I asked if the Old Harbour is deep enough for steamships to go into it he not sure....zzz...and wat's more he is tat type which teaches from the TB....so was lik ok lor...boring...

D&T. Nvr finish de hw but saved cause got duty XD

Duty was boring(I feel like so extra there)...

Wanted to go skol but cause of Mi Lian lor...

Then home.



Home again


Dead....no la l8r hw then sleep

~Cold water...being splashed on me...Life's cruel but meaningful but also difficult and tough and jus...tired...~

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