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| Saturday, January 17, 2009

When anger gets the better of me...

I jus blew up...jus for a couple stupid reasons:
1.Personal space
2.Bro not showing respect

Today de preaching abt wat I donno...but there's this part abt anger and tat we wanna control this sin but we can't...impulsive they called it. That's when God comes in.
Then this morning there's this parent forum talk...quite a waste of time since all should be said in sec 1. Mum and I were talking so well and so happy.

Then church. After that fellowship and home...

Then we had dinner...still well....till mum told us to pack up(I mean yeah I used the comp too much sometimes or like watever jus packing up is too stranious...see my room and u'll understand)

Then bro became unhappy. I mean he can't find a part in his maths set and was like blaming me cause I used it the last time(AND IT WAS MY MATHS SET!!! HE JUS TAKE IT!!!) I showed him once,he's not attentive and asked me again, so I just like toss it at him...frustrated(I MEAN I PUT IT BACK ALREADY!!! WALAO!!!)....

Then my bro kept wanting to watch me used comp. I mean its stupid and a waste of time...and cause I wanna hav personal space...jus like when I do my QT..which my bro jus BREAK THE SILENCE AND THEN ASKED ME ABT THE MATHS SET!!! WAT IS THIS?!?!

I blew...cause I like let my bro for so long but too bad he nvr change and nvr treat me as my bro(as in REALLY LONG LIKE 4 to 5 months,jus after I went to church and I realised that anger is a sin-which Benny nvr told me it was until some time l8r...)So yeah I change,to let ppl...even my bro...I mean I used to be so selfish,and now as well...but at least vry less selfish...

Then yeah was like Mum kept sayin tat did church teach u this?(The pastor said when u made it public that u r a christian ppl will see the reputation of God from u.... true)I mean the church teach good stuffs...and vry excellent. But then sadly I can't change it overnight....

We argued...mum kept using the word "kor-ta" (Which I donno wat it means but sth like selfish...)...and I was like "I JUS WANT SOME PERSONAL SPACE! DON'T U UNDERSTAND?!?!)

I really like regretted some things....so yeah here's a video I like(sad story....), but contradictorily its not a happy video...I want to share this....

Anger leads to blindness...and so wat Mum really thinks of some things all are revealed...and so now I know....


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