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| Monday, January 12, 2009

Yeah so today is Benny's B'day. And Benny called me for PM(I mean I already know its gonna be meeting then celebration of his birthday-isn't it obvious?)
Then went lor. Then Ruiyong and Randy(I donno who thought up of that plan)told me to act emo then when affirmation then I say Benny like vry bad so l8r then only RY,Benny and I were in the room. Then they prepare the cake. I know its bad la but then...yeah....
So it started and when worship its not worship but a birthday song for Benny. Nvr got tat one rdy so I was rdy to worship God lei! And then they sang b'day song I was like -_-
And they had a bread with cream(full) on it(u know wat they'll do rite?). Then he go clean up and I was like:Is it over? But no lol...there's still another one...and when affirmation I like played my role...but Ruiyong was like:"Huh? Wat u talking?" and I was like OMG wat hav I done wrong? But he knows the mistake so he quickly change de subject and ask everyone out except the both of us. I didn't say much lei...in fact. He cried and I was like woah u really do care so much....and I thought u so strict and nvr really cares...and so Ruiyong when Benny went to the washroom says u acted well and continue for a while. So I was like ok lor and when RY broke it I started laughing(I mean I can't control anymore). Then everyone was like saying I was a good actor and should join Drama Ministry instead of Communications, cause I acted so well and said only a few words and he can cry le....but yeah I don't act in front of a lot of ppl...I don't hav de courage. Then had cake and had some time fellowship and went home cause skol night.

Tml doing announcements or pledge....*cry*

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