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| Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yeah so its after Chinese New Year ^^
I got quite a few ang pows from Singapore(and I am SO HAPPY to =D) cause I went to Malaysia to have visits,and so the money is all RM...which means it has to be in the bank and the money is decreased by 2 T.T

That aside(ok i know its hard to elaborate more cause of time constrain sry), I went to Art Club on Monday and didn't quite receive a warm welcome...but in the end of the trip to the Peranakan Museum(Little Nonya u thinking now rite? Haha!)(and yeah we wnt there to welcome de sec ones),she asked wat i feel abt this experience(she said tell me the truth when I said its ok. Do I look like someone who don't appreciate art much? *YES!* Ok I'll prove to them I can draw and appreciate it lol). And the group I was in-its funloving ^^

Then this week common tests-left CL and Maths. The papers were easy but NO TIME NO TIME NO TIME....T.T
But I got to thank Mr Tham jus now when we hav a small chat. He told me to manage my time well...man I nd a watch..wait I hav one-it's strap is broken. GG

Then now HW and l8r some stuffs.

Are u Xcited for Valentine's? FALL in love this Valentines by celebrating with lots of ppl! Come to me if u wanna noe more details ^^

Ok so bye and treasure this blogpost..cause I donnno when is my next.

P.S.(Ok to me its Pls See) I jus did a project on road rage so here's sth funny for you ^^

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